Heart Clinic

Dr. Om is consultant cardiologist at Heart clinic Maharajgunj. He examines patients from Sunday to Friday between 3 PM  to 7 PM in evening. Heart Clinic provides mainly non-invasive cardiac services. Facilities available are ECG, Echocardiography, Holter (24 ECG monitoring), ABP (Ambulatory BP measurement), TMT, Digital Xray, Laboratory services and pharmacy. You can fix appointment on phone or by directly visiting the clinic at Maharajgunj.

Heart clinic is located at Maharajgunj just north to US embassy. It is easily accessible for everyone. Public transport is available just outside the heartclinic compound. Ring Road (Maharjgunj Chakrapath ) is just within 50 meter from this clinic. This clinic is within 1KM distance from Teaching Hospital. While coming from ring road towards Teaching Hospital, Clinic location is on left side just before boundary of US embassy begins.

 You will have a feel of non-hospital environment in this clinic. Saving time of patient is one of the top priority other than providing high class evidence based medical services. Since time is very crucial for every person, Heart Clinic seriously address the issue related with waiting time for all patients. All the staff of this clinic are trained to provide you timely service. The whole evaluation time for new patient takes about 2 hours.

Parking at Heartclinic has got ample of place, which enables you to park all kinds of your vehicle in convenient way. No parking fee is charged.  www.heartclinic.com.np



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